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Taliban Fighters Relate Violence Reduction with Progress in Negotiating Table

10 Nov 2019 Ariana News

Taliban fighters say the reduction of violence directly relates with the progress in the negotiating table. Ariana News reporter Samai Jahesh has interviewed a number of Taliban’s fighters in an area, which is under the control of militants. Jahesh and his cameraman were preparing a report in a Taliban-controlled village, when they were encountered by Taliban militants with motorbikes, who took them to an undisclosed area. The militants asked Ariana News reporter to conduct an interview with them. It took them three hours to be prepared and appear in front of the camera. During the interview, Taliban militants said, they are ready to lay down arms if their leaders reach to a political settlement. “We support their position to the last breath of our life and will accept their every order. We are ready if that is peace or war,” a Taliban commander said. However, the Taliban commander emphasized to continue fighting and carrying out suicide attacks, until they sign a peace accord. When he was asked, why they are carrying out bombings and suicide attacks at mosques and public areas, he replied: “It is not intentional. If the suicide bomber, who tear himself to pieces, understand that a Quran is here, he will not carry out his attack.” Abed, another Taliban fighter, who seems to be on his twenties, said he has newly joined with the Taliban group in the area. A couple of years ago, he graduated from high school, and then he traveled to Iran, where he stayed for three years before returning back to his province and joining with the Taliban. He is married and have a baby-girl. “We have declared Jihad to defend our soil and our honor,” he said. After hours, a Taliban militant, through a radio communication service, asked for permission to let reporters leave the area.

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