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‘Daesh has been defeated in Nangarhar’

10 Nov 2019 Salam Watandar

JALALABAD (SW) – The interior minister, Masoud Andrabi claimed on Sunday the Daesh's local chapter, IS-K has been completely defeated and driven out of their strongholds in Nangarhar province.

Addressing a press conference in the province, Andrabi said the militants are striving for alternate bastions in the country, but the security forces are well-prepared to take them on. He hailed the Nangarhar residents for their role in driving the insurgents out.

He said Nangarhar was the most important hideout for Daesh in Afghanistan, but they have now moved to look for place in other provinces. The interim minister said the Taliban’s ‘al-Fath’ operations have failed amid successful operations by the security forces and internal divisions among the Taliban.

He added work is underway on a five-year plan to improve the stature of the police force.

Speaking on the occasion, Shah Mehmood Miakhail, provincial governor, said work is underway on a comprehensive strategy to curb crimes and militancy in the province.


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