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Abdullah warns not to accept election results, if 300k votes counted

10 Nov 2019 Afghanistan Times

By Farhad Naibkhel KABUL: Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has asked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to halt the recounting of presidential election ballots, saying he will not accept the result of election if suspicions votes are not being segregated from the clean one. Abdullah, who is head of “Stability and Partnership” electoral team, has casted doubt over 300,000 votes and 2,400 sites, asking (IEC) to stop recounting process. Speaking at a gathering in Loya Jirga tent among his supporters, Dr. Abdullah said “our observers are not attending vote recounting process, we already sent a letter to the commission, and sans our observers the result won’t be legitimated.” “The discussions are over 300,000 votes, which is included duplicate, early and before start of polling process votes.” He also talked about 2,400 sites votes, in which the votes that came from these stations are not biometrically verified. He said the IEC has decided to accept biometric votes and the rest which is not in the data is invalid. While calling on his team’s observers to boycott recounting process, he asked the IEC to stop recounting process. “Our team has asked clarification from the IEC about the mentioned issues, but the IEC respond was unclear.” The first decision of the team was to stop it’s observes from taking part in recounting process in a bid the IEC to revise its decision, he added. ‘We respect IEC’s independency, but won’t accept anything in contrary with the law.” He said that IEC and Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) are decision makers, but said decision should be taken accordance to the law and regulations. However, he warned that if IEC continue recounting process “in absence of our observers, we will make another move, but a peaceful according to the law.” He said that they raise their voice because of transparency and defending from clean votes. “We will defend from people vote till last breath.” He assured the Afghans that his team will defend from people clean votes. “We are not prefer crisis, but if the country slip toward crisis, then the “state builder” team will be responsible,’ he asserted However, besides Abdullah, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, and Rahmatullah Nabil’s electoral teams have also boycotted the recounting process. But, the IEC has already stated recounting and audit process of over eight thousands polling sites in 34 provinces that had problems.

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