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Ghani's team calls for election results date to be announced soon

19 Nov 2019 1TV News

President Ashraf Ghani's re-election campaign on Monday called for the date of release results of the 28 September vote to be announced soon.

IEC missed two deadlines it set for the announcement of preliminary results from the poll with the last being November 14. A new date has not been announced yet.

The commission has cited technical issues and blocking of partial recount by supporters of presidential candidates over the delay.

Ghani’s electoral team, called State-Builder, in a statement urged IEC to determine new deadline of election results announcement and not miss it.

Several presidential candidates have boycotted the partial poll recount saying they would not agree to the addition of hundreds of thousands of votes to the process.

Ghani’s team said that IEC took decision to recount votes based on laws and procedures.

The team accused those who have boycotted the process of taking “people’s will as hostage for political ransom.”

The statement also rejected claims of partisanship of security forces in election process.

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