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Kabul blast targets UN vehicle, at least one ‘foreigner’ killed

24 Nov 2019 RT - Russia Today

The incident occurred in Kabul on Sunday. The nationality of the deceased person has not been disclosed so far.

Five locals, including two UN staff, were also caught in the blast, but walked away from the incident with only minor injuries. So far, no group claimed responsibility for the attack. It also remains unclear whether the assailants were apprehended or not.

In a separate incident, at least eight Afghan soldiers were killed and four others were injured early on Sunday when Taliban militants assaulted a military checkpoint. Provincial officials claimed that the attack was repelled and some 20 militants were killed. The Taliban, however, challenged the report, claiming that the attack was a success, and that they had managed to seize weaponry and ammunition from the checkpoint.

Blast near US Embassy in Kabul after attack on President Ghani campaign rally

The Afghan capital – despite being heavily fortified – has always been a prime target for various militants over the recent decades of never-ending wars. However, 2019 appears to have been one of the most violent for the city. The most recent major attack occurred there last Wednesday, when at least 12 people were killed and 20 more were injured in a suicide bombing that targeted a convoy of a foreign private security company.

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