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Prevent crisis before it is too late: Abdullah's electoral team

01 Dec 2019 1TV News

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah's team has urged the election commission and the international community to take step for "saving election and preventing crisis before it is too late."

Abdullah’s team has repeatedly called for removal of 300,000 votes, which it says, are non-biometric and fraudulent.

It has blocked partial poll recount in seven provinces of the country, delaying preliminary results from the vote.

Esmatullah Mal, deputy head of the Independent Election Commission, said that the commission would take decision on the announcement of results from the vote if it fails to carry out recount and audit in the remaining provinces.

The commission has completed the process in 27 provinces. Habibur Rahman Nang, head of IEC’s secretariat, said that it would soon present report from process to the leadership of the commission for decision making.

Qadir Hotkheil, a member of Ashraf Ghani’s electoral team, also urged the commission to immediately announce the results.

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