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CPAN says Logar child abuse to be investigated

01 Dec 2019 Kabul Now

Child Protection Action Network (CPAC), a child rights organization, have called on Afghan judicial institutions to investigate Logar child abuse. CPAN have pressed all national and international rights organizations to put pressure on the Afghan judicial organizations to bring the culprits of child abuse to justice.

The call came followed by The Guardian report. In early November, The Guardian published a report on sexual abuse of students at school in Logar province. According to the report, more than 500 boys were sexually assaulted in six schools of this province. A spokesman for the Logar police rejected the accusations, calling them ‘rumors’, and the provincial governor threatened to punish advocacy group for spreading ‘false news.’

CPAN called on the Afghan government to take immediate action and facilitate investigation. This rights organization emphasized that the issue should be investigated by an independent panel headed by Afghanistan Independent Commission on Human Rights, civil society and other relevant bodies.

A number of education and child protection activists have called on Afghan government to arrest perpetrators of school child abuse in Logar province, saying they should be brought to justice.

It is also mentioned that the investigation process should be based on a pre-announced timetable and the results should be reported to the public in details. “Once the process is over, we want an essential investigation at education sectors all over the country so that the true extent of such crime could be identified and investigated,” a statement, issued by CPAN, said.

Child rights activists say that the Afghan children should be provided with a safe space to get education.

Though President Ghani urged the judiciary and security organs to investigate the case of Logar child abuse, police and government officials have failed to investigate it.

Afghanistan is not a safe country for children. Recruitment by extremist groups, violence, child abuse and lack of support by the family are rampant in the country when it comes to child rights and protection.

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