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‘Coalition govt. can end existing uncertainty’

02 Dec 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: Tensions and crack over the presidential election has getting more complicated and chaotic by passing each day. The Presidential Candidate Council (PCC) has called the formation of coalition government as the only way to get rid of the current challenges and prevent the almost possible election crisis. Ahmad Wali Massoud, a member of the council said the skim of coalition government was aimed to involve all sides in the formation of the government. “If the election announced unfairly and the criterion was not observed, this would prove the legislation of corruption,” he added. Part of this plan offers that proper environment should be provided for conduct of provincial and presidential election.   The PPC has accused the Independent Election Commission of favoritisms, and working in favor of a certain electoral team. Meanwhile, the association council of Hezb-e-Jamiat Islami, asked the IEC to announce the preliminary results of the election. “The results of are yet to be announced, this lead Afghanistan to instability,” said Sayed Ikram Masoumi, a member of the council. But, Presidential Palace Spokesman, Sediq Sediqi in a tweet has termed the plan of coalition government as useless and in contrast with constitution, saying that Afghans have casted votes in accordance with the constitution and that people would not go back warded. In respond to the PPC’s remarks, the IEC said that it would make decision in accordance to the constitution. “There is nothing about the formation of coalition government in the Law,” said Aziz Ibrahimi, spokesman for the commission. Afghanistan presidential polls were held on September 28th. The IEC has been struggling to announce the preliminary results after it faced serious criticism by a number of candidates regarding the recount of votes, which according to the candidates are fraudulent votes.

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