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Editorial: Inhumanity to humanitarian

04 Dec 2019 Afghanistan Times

The cycle of violence in Afghanistan doesn’t stop at claiming the lives of innocent Afghans but takes its toll on the humanitarians as well – those who devote their careers to improving the lives of Afghans. The callous murder of the head of a Japanese NGO, Japan Peace Japan Medical Services (PMS), along with five Afghan aid workers in an attack in eastern Nangarhar province on Wednesday morning was a sobering and shocking experience for all Afghans across the country. The NGO chief came under attack on his way to inspect an irrigation project and later on succumbed to his injuries. Unfortunately, attacks on the aid workers have turned fairly commonplace in Afghanistan as last week; a US national working for the UN in Kabul was killed in a blast targeting a UN vehicle. Late Nakamura has been involved in Afghanistan for more than 30 years and he was recently granted honorary citizenship of Afghanistan by President Ashraf Ghani for his services and humanitarian work in the country. His agency’s humanitarian work has been focused on providing medical services and for poor Afghans and this charity also contributed to improving irrigation in the country. Killing a person who personified goodness and goodwill and dedicated to helping others cannot be justified by anyone. As none of the infamous insurgent and terrorists groups have claimed responsibility for the assassination, this heinous act is the handiwork of Afghanistan’s enemies and the regional intelligence networks, who in no way can tolerate a prosperous, rehabilitated and progressive Afghanistan. The current situation has worried Afghans to a great extent because such acts of terror, barbarity and cruelty are unprecedented which means whoever wants to serve this country will be targeted. Therefore, just condemning such acts would take us nowhere and the government shouldn’t fail to protect those who are committed to helping others and spring into action to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The only good thing Dr. Nakamura did was working on water management, dams and improving traditional agriculture in Afghanistan and he didn’t deserve this senseless murder. He reportedly used to say: “Weapons and tanks don’t solve problems. The revival of farming is the cornerstone of Afghanistan’s recovery.” This quote itself reveals how committed he was to uplifting Afghans’ situation and promoting human welfare. But this wasn’t bearable for the enemies of Afghanistan and didn’t want this country flourished.

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