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Abdullah’s Supporters Continue Protests in the North

04 Dec 2019 Tolo News

Supporters of presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah marched on Wednesday in Parwan, Panjshir, Jawzjan and Ghor province over the Independent Election Commission’s failure to separate out “fraudulent votes” from the total tally.

The protestors accused both the IEC and President Ghani’s campaign team of “fraud.”

“We have won the votes--the people lost their fingers while voting--I don’t understand why they are doing this now,” said Abdul Rahman, a resident of Jawzjan province.

“We have valid votes that must be safeguarded,” said Maryam, a resident in Jawzjan.

“The people of Ghor have protested to protect the votes of the people of Afghanistan,” said a supporter of Abdullah Abdullah’s team.

The supporters in Ghor said they “wouldn’t allow the 2014 experience to be repeated.”

“Our people do not support fraud. We want the clean votes,” said Abdul Basir Salangi, a supporter of Abdullah’s team.

“If the leader of the Stability and Convergence team (Abdullah) gives up, the nation will not give up against the fraud and the “slave” team,” said Jan Ahmad Haqjo, a supporter of Abdullah’s team.

Abdullah’s supporters in Panjshir have warned the IEC that “if the votes are not cleaned, they will not let someone to win by fraud.”

Last Friday Abdullah Abdullah's campaign team led a protest march in Kabul and was met with diverse reactions from both prominent leaders and the general public.

In the meantime, Naeem Ayoubzada, head of the Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) at a press conference on Wednesday said their findings show that election issues are not “technical;” instead it is a political issue and “if it not taken seriously the election process will face violence.”

“The political figures have gathered here to find a solution to the election crisis and to discuss the measures for the sake of the transparency of the elections,” said Faraidoon Khozon, a spokesman for Abdullah’s Stability and Convergence team.

“We are extremely concerned about the performance of our electoral partners,” said Naeem Ayoubzada, head of the Transparent Election Forum of Afghanistan (TEFA).

A number of MPs, echoing the dissenting presidential candidates, have said that “the people of Afghanistan will only accept a government won by “clean” votes.”

“There is space for neither an interim government nor a coalition government: The government that will come will be the winner of the election,” said Mir Rahman Rahmani, speaker of the parliament.

The MPs have also tried to mediate a meeting between the IEC and presidential candidates to bring an end to election issues.

Abdullah’s campaign team called for the invalidation of 300,000 disputed votes. Otherwise, they said, they will oppose the vote recount process.

Abdullah’s team also warned that they would launch widespread protests if the 300,000 votes were not excluded from the “clean” votes by Saturday, November 30.

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