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Court Reverses 20-Year Sentence, But Process Not Over

04 Dec 2019 Tolo News

The Supreme Court of Afghanistan on Wednesday reversed a 20-year jail sentence for Mohammad Reza Zaman Ahmadi, said Ali Madad Hakimi, Ahmadi’s lawyer.

A primary court in Kabul in 2012 sentenced him to 20 years’ imprisonment for blasphemy. 

But despite the reversal, Zaman Ahmadi’s case will be referred again to the Attorney General for a reassessment, said Ahmadi’s lawyer.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), members of the High Council of the Supreme Court heard our objections and our reasons, and these were recorded by the attorney, and then the court decided to reverse the verdict on the case,” said Hakimi.

“The charges of apostasy and blasphemy which were brought against Mr. Ahmadi never took place, in our perspective. The verdict had its flaws, and the verdict of the previous court has been reversed,” said Abdul Ahad Jalili, one of Ahmadi’s lawyers.

Based on the law, the reassessment of the case and the trial process will take two and half months.

“The case of Zaman Ahmadi has been sent to the Supreme Court of Afghanistan for a review, the appeal session was held on Tuesday, and the Supreme Court made its decision,” said Jamshid Rasuli, spokesman for the Attorney General of Afghanistan. 

Ahmadi was accused of blasphemy after writing some controversial texts. However his texts were never printed.

His family said they hope Ahmadi is released soon, once the reassessment of the case by the court is completed. 

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