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Tremors felt in India & Pakistan as powerful earthquake strikes north-eastern Afghanistan

20 Dec 2019 RT - Russia Today

The quake struck at a depth of 210km (130 miles) in the mountainous Hindu Kush area, 51km (32 miles) north-west of Jarm, which is itself located more than 370km (230 miles) away from the capital Kabul, according to the US Geological Service.

It was apparently so powerful that it also affected vast areas of northern Pakistan and India, including the capitals of both nations. In Pakistan, the tremors were felt in Islamabad as well as the Punjab capital of Lahore and half a dozen of other cities.

The quake forced people to leave their homes in panic and even interrupted a session of the national parliament and the work of the Foreign Ministry, local media report. In India, people also had to run out of their homes and offices, where lights were seen shaking wildly for several seconds due to tremors which lasted for about a minute.

People in both India and Pakistan shared images of lights shaking and people running for safety. There were no immediate reports of casualties or property damage.

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