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Bombshell!! Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp takes on American media “shock” over Afghanistan war report

22 Dec 2019 RT - Russia Today

For nearly two decades, US officials have privately known the war in Afghanistan was going down the toilet. Yet they “failed to tell the truth,” insisting to the public that progress was being made, a turnaround was coming, and the troops might actually get to come home. That’s according to a Washington Post report published earlier this month. 

#ICYMI: The Afghanistan papers: All is not well in America’s longest ever war

Citing official documents and the testimonies of generals, diplomats, and politicians, the report reveals that those in charge of the war had no basic end goal for the conflict, did not understand the country’s culture or politics, wasted vast sums of money on corrupt reconstruction efforts, and varnished the truth for public consumption.

“US officials didn’t ‘fail to tell the truth,’” Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp explained. “They f**king lied, alright?” 

Yet the Post’s article was met with shock. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called the publication “truly a bombshell.”

“A bombshell!? We’re not winning the war in Afghanistan. We don’t know who the enemy is. I can’t believe we’re just finding this out. If only we’d known this years ago!” Camp thundered. (Spoiler alert: we did.)

Watch the full video where Camp also talks about voter suppression and digital reputation scrubbing.

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