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Afghan Government Issues Two Decrees To Help Combat Kabul Air Pollution

05 Jan 2020 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani signed two decrees that will help combat Kabul’s deadly air pollution. 

The first decree is making standard filtering systems obligatory for the heating systems of towers and “shahraks”. And, the second is banning the combustion of tires and plastics by industries and enterprises. 

The National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) is responsible to follow up on the implementation of the decrees which is going to be an ongoing effort, according to a tweet post from Director General Shah Zaman Maiwandi. 

Afghanistan’s air pollution has reportedly killed more people than the current war. Nearly 26,000 people lost their lives due to air pollution related diseases in 2017, 3,483 deaths due to war. 

Hazardous levels of air pollution claimed at least 17 lives in Kabul last week, exposing millions of people to toxic fumes, according to Afghanistan’s health ministry.

Deteriorating air quality has led to health complications among residents, with 8,800 patients forced to seek treatment at government hospitals. Most of the victims died due to respiratory related illness.

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