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Railway Agreement Signed Between Afghanistan and Tajikistan

06 Jan 2020 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

The Afghan Ministry of Transport has signed the agreement on the establishment of a railroad between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

The agreement was signed between Mohammad Yama Shams, head of the Afghanistan Railway Authority, and Khudayar Khudayaarzada, Tajikistan’s Minister of Transport, on Monday in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Chargé d’affaires Ahmad Mirzad and other diplomats from the Afghan Embassy in Dushnabe.

As per the agreement, Afghanistan will be connected through Jalaluddin Bakhi railroad in Kulkhoz Abad at Sherkhan Port to Tajikistan’s Panj Payan area.

Both countries have agreed that technical and economic feasibility studies, design and building of the bridge over Panj River and construction of the railway station and the railway will be carried by the government of Tajikistan and the concerned development agencies.

The Railway Authority of Afghanistan had reported about the potential kick off this project in 2018 as well; however, the construction work never started.

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