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Afghan Government Receives Over $11mn In Revenues from ATRA

11 Jan 2020 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

The Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) has transferred 878 million Afghanis ($11.3mn) to the special account of the Ministry of Finance to be spent through the national budget.

These revenues come from a 2.5% on the net incomes of the telecommunication company sales and will be spent on certain project including ATRA’s development projects.

Meanwhile, some lawmakers have expressed concerns over lack of transparency and accountability in the transfer of money from the government institutions to the Ministry of Finance.

Last week, lawmakers agreed to form a commission to probe into the reports of alleged embezzlement of the two emergency funds (Code 91 and Code 92), the transfer of 15bn Afghanis from Afghanistan’s central bank to Ministry of Finance, and the lack of transparency in the collection of 10% levied on telecom services.

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