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Acting Minister of Urban Development Banned From Leaving Country

15 Jan 2020 Middle East Press

KABUL (MEP) – Mohammad Jawad Paikar, acting Minister of Urban Development and Land (MUDL) and a member of the country’s cricket board, has been banned from leaving the country. President Ghani ordered the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) to investigate accusations of “illegal recruitment,” made against Paikar and ban him from leaving country. According to the president’s decree, Mr. Paikar has newly hired a number of chiefs or inspectors, contrary to his duties. Document available to Tolo News also states that acting Minister of MUDL has bought apartments and properties in Turkey, so the AGO must assess and clarify how they are purchased. Ghani ordered the AGO to ban the acting minister from leaving the country until the end of the investigations. The Ministry of Urban Development denied the document, saying it had not been formally sent to them. In June 2019, Jawad Paikar, along with heading the Ministry of Urban Development, also became a member of the Afghan Cricket Board.

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