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Ghor residents flay government over budget

15 Jan 2020 Salam Watandar

GHOR (SW) Dozens of Ghor residents took to the streets on Wednesday against dearth of development budget for the province.

Chanting slogans against the government, they alleged officials had promised to take the province out of ‘geographical lock-down’ status and uplift it, but no practical steps have been taken. They demanded the government to earmark funds for the Kabul – Herat highway passing through Ghor as well as additional funds for the Pozlech Dam in province.

Members of the provincial council joined the protest, and blamed the government for neglecting the province in the annual draft budget.

Abdul Hameed Natiqi, a member of the provincial council, warned the agitation drive would continue if the government continued to neglect their demands.

According to the provincial administration, the main demands of Kabul - Herat highway and Pozlech Dam, have already been proposed to the government.

Rejecting the allegations of neglecting the province, Ebadullah Darman, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, said priority has been given to provinces that are lagging behind.

The total volume for the draft annual budget 2020-21 is AFN 428 billion with AFN 289 billion for expenditure and AFN 139 billion for development projects.


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