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Ceasefire necessary to create conducive environment for talks: NSA Mohib

15 Jan 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: The youngest National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib has said that a ceasefire is necessary to create a conducive environment for peace talks. He said this while speaking at Raisina Dialogue, a multilateral annual conference in New Delhi of India. “Peace for our people means the end of violence, this is why we insist that a ceasefire is necessary to create a conducive environment for talks.” According to him, a ceasefire is a catalyst for sustainable peace because the Afghan people earnestly want it and it will prove to our people and government that our enemies are not only serious about peace but that it is within their control to maintain their part of a future deal,” Mohib said. He also sketched important role of the regional countries and their cooperation’s for restoration of peace in Afghanistan. “As our efforts toward peace gain momentum, we must have the cooperation and support of our neighbors for peace to be sustainable,” Mohib said. According to Mohib, Afghanistan’s national quest for peace is beneficial to the regional and to the world and that there is no victory for violence and terrorism. The official also warned the Taliban that if they refuse to answer call to peace, they should be prepared to “face the full force of the Afghan nation.” This comes as the government is urging ceasefire as part of the US and Taliban peace deal, the militants’ spokesman says that no new article was added to the deal draft. Suhail Shahin, spokesman of Taliban’s Qatar-based political office said Tuesday that the deal was close to be finalized, adding that nothing new had been added. The US and Taliban negotiators have agreed on the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, reduction of violence, not use of Afghan soil by international terrorist groups and intra-Afghan dialogues in their 10 times of talks held in Qatar for more than a year.

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