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CONGRESS: Donald Trump is likely to be ousted from the White House

16 Jan 2020 Pasbanan

Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ferdows Rasouli

US Democrats in Congress have spoken of the removal of Donald Trump from the White House. Not only the US Democrats, but also a large number of its citizens are dissatisfied with Trump’s abuse of power.

Not long ago, US President Donald Trump was impeached by the US Congress, making Trump the third US President to be impeached by members of Congress.

All citizens of the United States and the world are now in the second round of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the second time that Donald Trump is to be called to Congress as US President. Members of the US Congress have announced the reshuffle of President Trump on Saturday, January 21, 2020. However, Donald Trump is likely to step down as the 2020 US presidential election comes to a close.

In the most recent case, Donald Trump has been accused of attracting Ukrainian cooperation and providing immense aid to the country, and members of the US Congress say Donald Trump wants to come to power again in the 2020 presidential election with deceit. Opponents of the US presidential race against Trump have been described as powerful political figures. However, US congressional Democrats have warned that they will not allow Donald Trump to win the presidency for the second time.

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