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MOFA summons Iranian ambassador

16 Jan 2020 Salam Watandar

KABUL (SW) – The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Idrees Zaman met with Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Kabul, Mr. Bahadur Aminian on Wednesday.

According to the MOFA, in this meeting, the Foreign Minister demanded clarifications from the Iranian Ambassador regarding the recent statements made by some Iranian officials including that of Iran’s Commander of Air Forces, on the probability of targeting some locations in Afghanistan in case of a US attack on Iran.

Highlighting the history of friendly relations between the two nations, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the fundamental, official and permanent stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran was full respect to the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Afghanistan and any statements otherwise, do not bear any significance in the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards Afghanistan.

Ambassador Aminian also added that, the reports made by media outlets reflect upon the statements made by Iranian officials in a manner, which is in full contradiction with the spirit of the original statements made.

This comes days after a U.S. drone strike killed top Iranian general, Qasim Solaimani in Baghdad, Iraq.


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