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Kabul is Determined in the Peace Process; the Security Code that Mohib Offered to Raisina Dialogue

16 Jan 2020 Did Press Agency

ByShokoohmand – DID Press agency Translator: Taher Mojab

Tired of “friend and foe”, Kabul has now launched a new effort of regional recruitment and Mohib’s remarks have been echoed in this regard.

Afghan National Security Adviser (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib offered Afghanistan’s security code and manifestation to the International Community and global and regional countries during a speech delivered to the annual Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi.
“… Our enemies are not only serious about peace but that it is not within their control to maintain their part of a future deal. The Afghan government is serious about fighting terrorism and will not have mercy on any terrorist group,” Mohib said Wednesday at Raisina Dialogue.

Now this question arises that why does Mr. Mohib express these two issues in the annual Raisina Dialogue and in India? and what is the government looking for?
The Taliban have so far refused to directly negotiate with the Afghan government and have put forward a reduction of violence plan, instead of a cease-fire.
Moreover, the Afghan government has been largely absent in several rounds of US-Taliban talks and has always had concerns regarding the issue.

Afghanistan has a number of key demands in the peace process: The Taliban’s relationship with Pakistan must be clarified, the safe havens across the Durand Line must be addressed, ceasefire and direct talks.
But it seems that the Afghan government is now tired of being marginalized, pushing to enter the scene more seriously.
Apparently, as much as Kabul abide by the issue, neither Pakistan nor Taliban and not even the US – which is Afghanistan’s strategic ally – paid attention to its demands and concerns.
Kabul has always been suspicious of Khalilzad’s measures and trips, as once Mr Mohib severely criticized Khalilzad in Washington, accusing him of trying to gain power in Afghanistan.

Tired of “friend and foe”, Kabul has now launched a new effort of regional recruitment and Mohib’s remarks have been echoed in this regard.
According to the author, following this, we will see more serious activities and firmer stance from Kabul in the peace process and negotiations with the Taliban.
Such efforts should have been started long ago in order to thwart the diplomacy of the Taliban and their supporters, which it wasn’t.

Having this, Kabul must try to get closer to countries like India, Iran, Central Asian states and some influential powers that are aligned with the Afghan government’s system, in order to counter US hegemony on the one hand, and on the other hand, to thwart Pakistan and Taliban efforts.
Mohib’s speech in New Delhi was a new and serious code given to the region, demonstrating that the Afghan government’s determination is solid. May it be so!

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