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Close to 70 per cent citizens oppose Taliban sort of government

16 Jan 2020 Salam Watandar


KABUL (SW) – A new study by the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies has indicated that up to 67 per cent citizens are not willing to accept the Taliban-led government in the country.

The study indicated that a majority of citizens are not satisfied with the government’s security strategy, but they prefer the current political system over the self-styled Emirate of the Taliban. In the other part of the study, some 87 per cent of the respondent urged the government to ensure social justice and diversity.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Salam Rahimi, State Minister for Peace, said the Afghan citizens would never surrender to the barrels of guns. He added the Taliban are against elections and do not acknowledge an elected government. Rahimi said people of Afghanistan want ceasefire, and for the state and the people, the term ‘reduction in violence’ is meaningless.

The study by the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies was conducted with some 1500 participants across all 34 provinces with some 55.7 male and 44.3 female respondents.

This comes as the U.S. and the Taliban are engaged in talks for peace for the past one year now.



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