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US may sign Taliban deal with violence reduction, but it wouldn't help Afghans: VP Danish

19 Jan 2020 1TV News

The United States may get prepared to sign deal with the Taliban with reduction in violence, but it wouldn't solve anything for the Afghan people, Afghanistan's Second Vice President Sarwar Danish said on Sunday.

“Violence reduction plan is an ambiguous plan and it is a kind of escape from peace and cheating of people and the international community,” Danish said at a ceremony for launch of Afghanistan Human Rights Defenders Protection Strategy.

“It is possible that with such justifications by the Taliban and their supporters, the US will be prepared to sign the agreement, but it won’t solve any problem for the Afghan people who are the main party to the issue,” he said.

He said that unless intra-Afghan negotiations begin and unless there is a ceasefire, there would be no trust between the parties and there would be no hope for the future.

Danish said that signing of a peace deal between the US and the Taliban would be positive move, but the Afghan government and people, civil society organizations, political parties and ethnic groups have been sidelined.

He said that any peace agreement should ensure gaining power through democratic mechanisms as well as ensure human rights.

“Agreement on emirate system or on any other system that would bring dictatorship and violate human rights would not only fail to bring peace, but it would intensify war in Afghanistan under another name and title,” Danish warned.

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