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Teenage girl murdered and mutilated by father in honor killing

21 Jan 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: Afghanistan is one of the worst countries for female, where women facing high threats to make their own wish life as they even have to bear the toughest violence as part of the cultural taboos in the society, and they have been set in caves and provided with less freedom and rights. On Monday, a father in Grizwan district of northern Faryab province, has slaughtered his daughter and took apart her body, officials said. “The man hanged the girl’s hands and legs on the wall” said the provincial press department in a statement on Tuesday. She was brutally killed for family honor after her father found her love affairs with a young boy. According to some sources, the boy is under custody of the Taliban group and there is no clue from his fate as yet. However, the Taliban did not say anything in regard so far. Honoring killing or other acts of practical violence or cultural taboos have gripped Afghanistan in an extern way, making the country the most dangerous place for women. The human rights watchdogs have repeatedly raised concerns for violation against women rights, calling on the officials to take serious steps at this point.

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