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A million young people unemployed in Afghanistan

27 Jan 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: A new government statistics shows almost half of the country’s two million unemployed are young people, according to government officials. War and a drastic investment deficit are contributing to social unrest and unemployment. According to Sputnik news, the issue was raised on Monday in a Council of Ministers’ economic commission session headed by the chief executive Abdullah Abdullah. Ministry of Public Works presented its report about the employment and said that 7.2% of workforce are inactive and 8.5% is active, whereby there is almost a million unemployed young people, out of the total 2 million jobless. The report illustrated that an agreement had been signed with the UAE two years ago to send 19,000 workers there. But that plan so far has not been implemented on account of a lack of a center to verify the workers’ skills and education. Dr. Abdullah instructed the Ministries of Economy, Refugees, Foreign Affairs and Public Works to ponder over the issue of skills verification center and draft a plan for its construction.

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