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War hero's brother says he's made of the 'same stuff' as sibling

06 Feb 2020 Daily Mail Online

A war hero's proud brother has insisted he's made of the 'same stuff' as his sibling after completing his training to join the Parachute Regiment, 12 years after the late soldier died in Afghanistan

Fin Doherty, 18, from Warwickshire, was formally handed his older brother's beret after completing his 19-week training course at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire in December last year.  

Pte Doherty was just six when Jeff Doherty, known as JJ, was killed in a Taliban ambush in 2008, two days after his 20th birthday. 

He appeared on Lorraine today, with his mother Joyce to speak about his decision to become a paratrooper. 

Joyce told how despite trying 'absolutely everything' to encourage Fin to take a different path, her son was 'determined' to follow in the footsteps of his idol.

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