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Two journalists robbed while covering story in Kabul

12 Feb 2020 1TV News

An Afghan newspaper reported on Wednesday that two of its journalists were robbed while they were covering a story in Kabul.

The journalists were covering the story about first female quarter representative in the city when they were threatened by armed robbers who then stole their camera and mobile phones in Kart-e Sakhi area, Police District 3, daily newspaperEtilaat Roz reported.

“We were recording in front of Ayoubi’s house when two armed individuals approached us. They took the phone of my colleague and put their pistol to my temple and then to my knee. They took my phone out of my pocket and told me that they would fire if I don’t give the camera. People were in the street and they took our mobiles and camera in their presence and while fleeing on foot they were threatening local people as well,” Yasin Yawari said.

The incident comes as crime has become rampant in the capital, including kidnappings, robbery, extortion and murder.

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