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Most notorious ISIS terrorists captured in Kabul

12 Feb 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: A band of ISIS fanatics have been captured by Afghan forces in an intelligence-backed military clampdown in Kabul – amidst a hectic politically-convoluted tussle to get the militant Taliban reconciled and nip the insurgency in the bud. The country’s intelligence agency – National Directorate of Security – Wednesday said nine terrorists led by some with nom de guerre ‘Hares’ hailing from the Islamic State have been captured in a special military operation. An NDS statement said that the captured ISIS fanatics had been engaged in recruitment and terrorist activities in Kabul city. Under the auspices of ISIS, they were using a shop in Gulbahar shopping mall and a property dealing and a money exchange shop in Shahzada exchange market in Kabul a as a cover to sponsor their terrorist activities. ISIS fanatic ‘Hares’ is believed to have raised a hefty amount of cash from European countries in the garb of philanthropy and used them to fund ISIS. The captured terrorists remitted the funds to provinces for treatment of wounded ISIS terrorists and cash to their families.

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