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Snow, avalanches kill 15 people in Daikundi, Bamyan

13 Feb 2020 Salam Watandar

NILLI (SW) – Officials in Daikundi and Bamyan say at least 15 people have been killed, including two women, in the last three days as a result of snowstorms here.

Asadullah Sarwari, head of Natural Disasters Management Authority in Daikundi, has said the districts of Miramur, Sangak Bandar and Astri Daikundi and the districts of Yakawlang and Vers Bamyan are worst affected. He said a total of 15 people got killed, six people got injured and 7 others went missing.

Dozens of livestock have also been killed in the snowstorms, he added.

According to officials in Bamyan and Daikundi, tens of residential homes, 50 acres of agricultural land, thousands of fruit trees and several kilometers of roads have been destroyed. They added that most of the roads in the two provinces are currently closed due to heavy snowfall.

About a month ago, as a result of snowstorms in the Miramur district of Daikundi, 2 people were killed.


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