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‘Delegation for intra-Afghan talks should be inclusive‘

13 Feb 2020 Salam Watandar

MONITORING (SW) – Nicholas Kay, Senior Civilian Representative for Afghanistan, has said an inclusive delegation should be formed to represent Afghanistan at the proposed intra-Afghan peace process.

Addressing a presser on the sidelines of the NATO ministerial conference in Brussels, he said the Afghan delegation at the proposed talks should represent all segments of the society. Hailing consultations among the politicians over this, he expressed hope that this delegation is swiftly formed for the eventual resumption of the process.

Responding to a question about the integration of the Taliban fighters in the security forces, he said this is for the Afghans to decide.

The NATO SCR for Afghanistan went on to said the international community is ready and willing to host the intra-Afghan talks, which indicates their willing and interest towards peace in Afghanistan. He went on to say NATO would not allow Afghanistan to once again turn into base for international terrorists, and would also not allow the gains of the past 19 years to be compromised.

The NATO Defence Ministers met in Brussels this week (12-13 February 2020) to address what could be done do to build stability in the Middle East, the Alliance’s support for Afghanistan and challenges posed by Russia’s missile systems


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