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What does 'Reduction in Violence' Mean Practically?

13 Feb 2020 Tolo News

While President Ghani has acknowledged the decision to reduce the violence as acceptable, so far, the Afghan government reportedly has no plans for a reduction in violence in practical terms.

Sources at the Ministry of Defense say that the plan for a reduction in violence is not yet clear and that the country's military on the battlefield do not have a clear vision of reducing violence.

President Ghani late Wednesday said that after a telephone conversation with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump's decision to reduce violence is acceptable.

But no government official has yet elaborated on the plan for a reduction in violence.

“The president has expressed satisfaction with the reduction in violence that will lead to a ceasefire, but we hope that our talks start with the lead to a ceasefire before that,” said Waheed Omer, President Ghani's senior advisor in public and strategic relations.

Analysts believe that a lack of clarity in the violence reduction plan will make it more difficult for troops on the battlefield.

“What lethal weapons would be reduced? A landmine? An airstrike? Which one? " said Attiqullah Amarkhail, a former military officer.

Sources familiar with the Doha peace talks say the reduction in violence plan is, in fact, an undeclared ceasefire.

“The reduction in violence takes place a week before the agreement is signed, and if implemented properly, the agreement will be signed, and the reduction in violence will continue until the inter-Afghan talks, and that is an undeclared ceasefire,” said Khalilullah Safi, former head of Pugwash in Afghanistan.

Forming a consensus on a plan to reduce violence is another suggestion by the country's former militaries.

“Politicians and governments formulate a joint plan for a reduction in violence but can they clarify what reduction in violence means?” said Abdul Wahab Wardak, former Afghan air forces commander.

Earlier, senior officials in the country said that a reduction in violence means the Taliban are not attacking cities, and not conducting suicide attacks or blocking highways.

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