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Artists Seek to 'Promote Kindness’ in Street Exhibition

13 Feb 2020 Tolo News

Three young Afghan artists on Thursday organized a street exhibition in Kabul aimed at "promoting kindness and sincerity" in the society among the people through painting and other forms of art. 

The organizers said that exhibitions such as this would help instill these values--and also provide a remember to those from whom these values have been lost. The exhibition is titled: ‘The Lost’.

Over 600 paintings were displayed in the exhibition.

“Love and kindness do not need government--it is an individual quality that is related to the person him or herself through which we can promote love, tolerance and friendship in the society,” said Javad Ahmad Paya, an artist.

“Our exhibition includes a variety of arts including classic styles and other imaginary arts, but today’s show basically reflects realism,” said Mohammad Naeem Ayoubi, an artist.

Similar exhibitions have been held in Kabul over the past year as artists have tried to promote art appreciation among ordinary people.

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