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No One is Going Toward Peace 'Blindly': Khalid

13 Feb 2020 Tolo News

Afghan acting defense minister Assadullah Khalid on Thursday, on the sidelines of the NATO defense minister’s conference, said  that the time has passed for the Taliban to dream of changing the government or dismantling the Afghan army.

Khalid responded to TOLOnews reporter Miraqa Popal’s question about peace: "One year ago the Taliban was dreaming of changing the government or dismantling the army, one is going towards a ceasefire and peace blindly. All of this will be based on conditions, and if the Taliban think of lies and deceit, the Afghan army is alive and will monitor everything.”

Khalid further said that the Afghan government was the first institute that gave the peace message to the Taliban.

Khalid also said that the reason for accelerating operations against the Taliban was to force them to come and sit for negotiations 

“The reason behind our military pressure is to force the enemy to come and sit at the negotiation table. One thing I can tell you clearly is that the Afghan army, government and NATO are working together--  whether to go towards peace or to bring pressure on the enemy --and we also will assure our people that defending the past two decades of achievements is the responsibility of our army,” Khaild said.

Khalid also said that Afghan security and defense forces are always ready for their operations--whether it is war season time or not.

‘This year like other years we don’t have any concerns about any location that will be under Taliban threats --we will follow our priorities,” Khalid added.

Khalid also said that on Thursday NATO at the defense ministers meeting, all allies reiterated their commitment for supporting Afghan forces until 2024.

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