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Victims Call on Warring Sides to End the War, Submit to Peace

14 Feb 2020 Tolo News

Family members of war victims on Friday called on all warring factions in the country to abandon further bloodshed and sign a peace agreement as soon as possible.

Among those who rallied for peace was an Afghan woman who lost her husband to the conflict three years ago and who is now grappling with the hardship of caring for three young children.

“There has to be peace in Afghanistan now, we are the victims of the war, we want peace whether the Taliban come to power or someone else, our rights must be protected,” said Pekai, a victim of the war.

“My father was martyred during the war, I want peace to prevail now so that other girls and boys do not lose their father,” said Nazanin, Pekai’s daughter.

Badam Gul, 60, is an Afghan mother who lost her husband eight years ago in the war.

“If there is peace in our country, why must I work outside despite my old age, why must other women become widows, why must children become orphans?” said Badam Gul.

Also, in the southern province of Kandahar, a number of families of the war victims rallied for peace.

“There has been four decades of war in Afghanistan. All Afghans are thirsty for peace. Today we inaugurated a library in the name of peace,” said a young Afghan citizen in Kandahar.

Meanwhile, some other residents in Kabul called on the Afghan political parties and mainstream politicians to unite and make consensus for peace on the national level.

“We demand the political parties to work for a national consensus with the government,” said Abdul Wase Popalzai, a resident in Kabul.

“Peace is as important as water for the survival of the Afghan people, but (we want) a peace that does not violate all those values and standards of the victims, particularly the families of the martyrs,” said Ahmad Saeedi, a peace activist.

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