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NATO Secretary General’s statement ahead of the Munich Security Conference

14 Feb 2020 Ariana News

Jens Stoltenberg said that he was going to meet President Ghani on February 14th to discuss the efforts to find a peaceful, negotiated solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. He said, “I just attended a meeting with the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, and we discussed NATO’s plans to enhance our presence in Iraq. To help Iraqis fight ISIS and make sure that ISIS never returns.” Jens added, “I will also, we will, of course, the NATO mission and presence in Iraq will be conducted in close consultation with the Iraqi government. We fully respect Iraq’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.” Stoltenberg also said that he was going to meet many other leaders during his stay there in Munich, including the foreign ministers of China and Russia, and also President Zelenskyy and many others. He also underlined that “Later on today I will meet with President Ghani and we will discuss the efforts to find a peaceful, negotiated solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. And NATO currently has around 16000 troops in Afghanistan and we are ready to adjust that force level if the Taliban is able to demonstrate a real will and real ability to reduce violence, and we see a path to peace. The best way NATO can support the peace efforts is to continue to support the Afghan army and security forces, so the Taliban understands that they will never win in the battlefield and will have to sit down and negotiate.” He finished his doorstep statements saying, “So, I’m looking forward to being here, and Iraq, Afghanistan and many other issues highlight the importance of North America and Europe standing together, when we stand together we are safe and secure.”

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