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Today 26 Dalvæ, Persian calendar, marks the day USSR withdrew from Afghanistan

15 Feb 2020 Ariana News

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with 120,000 troopers armed with the most modern weaponry invaded Afghanistan on Jadi 6th, 1358, Persian calendar, crowning Babrak Karmal, from the Parcham faction of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, as the president. This invasion drove many armed uprisings all over the country going  to war with the Soviet Union that lasted for 10 years. Finally, the Soviet Union was forced to leave Afghanistan on Dalvæ 26th, 1367, Persian calendar. The 10-year war destroyed Afghanistan, killed more than a million Afghans, wounded tens of thousands, and millions were forced to leave the country. Experts say that after the Soviet Union withdrawal, the Jihadi leaders didn’t come to an agreement with each other, and Afghanistan went to another war which continues till date.    

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