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Fighting forces Kunduzi women to sell household items

16 Feb 2020 Salam Watandar

KUNDUZ CITY (SW) – In a rare sighting, two women widowed and displaced by the raging war in Kunduz, can be seen selling their household items in Khost province.

One of these women, 40-year-old Sabira told Salam Watandar the non-stop spate of deadly violence forced them to flee Kunduz, and the crippling poverty compelled them to sell off household items to feed the children in their family. The two women said they also work as domestic workers in different homes while their children beg for food in the city.

“Our homes were destroyed in the bombings, my husband and a minor son also got killed in the bombing. Now we are hopeless, and have no other option, but to wash cloths and utensils in other peoples’ homes”, she said.

Sabira said she too received wounds in Kunduz that do not allow her sleep properly at night. She is worried about the day when all of her household would be sold, and then she would have nothing else to sell to feed her children.

Sitting next to her is Zubaida, a women faced with similar ordeal. Zubaida said she is also taking care of brother-in-law faced with mental disorder, wondering around spending days in hunger and thirst. The two internally displaced women said they would happily take on a home-based job that could support their basic needs.

In conversation with Salam Watandar, head of the directorate of refugees and repatriation, Mohammad Hashim Haleem, said all possible help and support would be extended towards these needy women in respond to their request.

The local civil society members have also began collecting funds for Zubaida and Sabira so that they can have a dignified life.

The raging war in Afghanistan has left millions of people grapple with identical miseries.


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