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Ghani, Announced Election Winner, Urges Unity

18 Feb 2020 Tolo News

President Ashraf Ghani appeared at a gathering of his supporters at the Presidential Palace almost three hours after the country's electoral body announced his victory as president of Afghanistan for a second term.

The final results of the election, according to the Independent Election Commission (IEC), indicated that Ghani had the highest count with 50.6% of the total, at 923,592 votes.

Throughout his speech, Ghani reiterated the need for unity among Afghans in order to move the peace process forward.

Ghani said his victory is the victory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the victory of the people of Afghanistan.

A republic means the voice, the vote and the right of the people, Ghani said.

“I am dedicating this victory of the people, to the people,” he added, vowing to safeguard people’s rights.

Ghani said it is time that “we should come up with patience both in small and big matters.” He added that it is time to come together and ensure peace in every corner of Afghanistan.

“We should have patience in both small and big matters,” he said, and that problems will be solved by "self-acceptance," not by guns.

Ghani said the government will move the peace process forward, but the ultimate decision will be made by the people.

According to Ghani, the objective of the peace negotiations is to embrace the Taliban, and for this, there is a need for patience and self-acceptance.

Ghani said that “everyone wants a strong government and we will build it,” and that women’s participation in the government is important.

He vowed to announce his plans in the future.

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