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Nabil hints at demise of democracy over flawed election

19 Feb 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: Former spymaster and presidential candidate, Rahmatullah Nabil said that “democracy has died in Afghanistan” after Independent Election Commission has declared President Ashraf Ghani as winner in the controversial 2019 Afghan election based on fake votes. Speaking in a press conference on Wednesday, he objected 300,000 controversial votes and said election result is not acceptable. “Such announcing in a very rush way will lead the country toward new crisis.”    “Democracy has taken its last breath after election resulted announced on Tuesday.” According to Nabil, Afghanistan’s political circumstances has been completely conquest by mafia. If the new government was formed based on clean votes, “Security and Justice” team, leading by Eng. Nabil) would congratulate him, he added. “Today in whole we express condolences to the National Unity Government (NUG)’s leaders particularly to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani due to all weak points and failures in different aspects in the past five years, including letdown in constitution and democracy implementation,” he added. We are not winner of war, or peace, he added, suggesting President Ghani, and Dr. Abdullah to show flexibility and also called on the Taliban to come announce ceasefire if they love Afghanistan. “Taliban should sit in talks with the Afghans in one table and the Afghan government should also revoke election results rather form a reconciliatory government and later go to a transparent election once the peace talks yield fruits,” he said. Nabil insisted that his team will work for peace and asked tribal and political elders to not remain as spectators and step up efforts to rescue the country from challenges. Electoral authority declared incumbent President Ghani the winner of contested 2019 presidential poll amid fears of political convulsions. Ghani’s opponent Abdullah has claimed widespread cheating. Presidential candidate Abdullah publicly declared himself the winner of September’s disputed presidential elections on Tuesday night, paving the way for a perilous political standoff at a crucial moment in the country’s long-running conflict. His statement came hours after the announcement of audited election results, which gave the election to Abdullah’s rival, Ashraf Ghani. Abdullah rejected the audit results and argued that the election authority’s announcement of the presidential election result is ‘devoid of legitimacy’, touting it as the outcome of ‘stealing the election’, a ‘coup d’état against democracy’ and a ‘treason in the nation’s trust’.

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