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UN, EU ready to work with new Afghan administration

20 Feb 2020 1TV News

The United Nations and the European Union on Wednesday said that they were ready to work with the new administration in Afghanistan.

“The United Nations stands ready to welcome and work with the future administration, while reiterating the importance of due respect given to Afghanistan’s diversity and to those Afghans who bravely turned out to vote, despite serious security constraints, in their commitment to an important democratic process,” it said in a statement.

The statement stressed on the importance of national cohesion in the period ahead, noting that the election process has been a joint responsibility of all stakeholders, including the electoral management bodies and the candidates, as well as media, civil society and other actors.

UN also stressed the importance of any challenge made to the final results of the election process “remaining consistent with the regulations of the country and conducted in the interest of stability and cohesion, and in accordance with the constitutional order.”

UN will continue its work to support the people and institutions of Afghanistan, including all political parties, providing impartial and expert advice to encourage the electoral management bodies to address the candidates’ understandable desire to have clarity on decisions taken related to audits and recounts.

After nearly five months of delay, Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission on Tuesday announced final election results with incumbent president Ashraf Ghani emerging as winner.

EU’sforeign policy chief JosepBorrell in a phone call congratulated Ghani on the outcome of the electoral process.

He welcomed President Ghani’s commitment to form an inclusive government where all the people of Afghanistan feel reprsentated.

Borrell stressed that the priority will now be to ensure unity in support of an inclusive peace process.

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