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Afghan political parties prepare peace plan

20 Feb 2020 1TV News

Afghan political parties have prepared a plan for peace as the United States is nearing deal with the Taliban.

The 30-page plan, obtained by 1TV, envisages reduction in violence, political participation and holding constitutional Loya Jirga during the period of transition from the current crisis.

Other provisions of the plan include preserving gains including on human rights, withdrawal of foreign troops, release of prisoners and establishment of a national and Islamic government.

According to the plan, a 70-member national peace council should be established, 15 members of which should hold negotiations with the Taliban.

The council should include 10 government representatives (including two women), five women’s representatives, one from Hindu community, four religious clerics, 40 representatives of political parties, 10 representatives of civil society and 10 from ethnic institutions.

The plan includes also freedom of movement based on which Afghan forces can travel across the country without military equipment.

Additionally, the Taliban are expected not to collect tax in areas under their control.

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