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‘Time for Afghan Leaders To Unite For Peace’

22 Feb 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: A weeklong reduction in violence has begun in Afghanistan with no major attacks from both sides so far – Afghan security forces are in standby and along with the Foreign Forces will carry attacks against the Taliban fighters in case of violation. US forces has halted operations against Taliban as part of deal to be signed in 29th of this month if the plan of reduction in violence goes well. US military commander Gen. Scott Miller told reporters in Kabul “our operations are defensive at this point, we stopped our offensive operations as part of our obligations, but we remain committed to defend our forces.” “This is a condition effort. It’s a trial period, we are all looking at this to see that all sides are able to meet their obligations,” he said standing bedside the Afghan acting and interior ministers. The Afghan masses in some provinces had come out to the streets and celebrated the plan of reduction in violence with hope this could lead to a compressive ceasefire. Bit a bitter conflict within the Afghan government, where Dr. Abdullah has tightened his position to announce his own government after rejected the final results of presidential elections. The long drawn-out official tally egregiously corresponds with the primary results published in December that declared Ghani as winner with a slim majority of 50.64% – which triggered a fierce opposition by his closest rival Abdullah who alleged vote-rigging and forced the national election commission to conduct a recount of 300,000 suspicious votes. Abdullah publicly had declared himself the winner of September’s disputed presidential elections on Tuesday night, paving the way for a perilous political standoff at a crucial moment in the country’s long-running conflict. The Afghan leaders must put aside their differences and work for peace and the Afghans across the country willing for peace plane to be succeeded. “Now is the time for Afghanistan’s political leaders to come together in support of peace process,” Nicholas Kay, NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan said in a tweet. “Calm, dialogue and compromise are needed – not unilateral actions. This opportunity for peace shouldn’t be missed,” he added. The seven-day reduction in violence began at midnight local time on Friday and it has raised hope toward a truce that can end the 18 year-long conflict.

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