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Miller pins hope on an extension of reduced violence

22 Feb 2020 Afghanistan Times

AT News KABUL: A day after a historic period of reduced violence began in Afghanistan, NATO commander Gen. Scott Miller on Saturday hoped the reduction of violence period, which began last night, would be extended. Gen. Miller voiced this hope during a meeting with acting defence and interior ministers at the NATO headquarters in Kabul. He said today was the first test day of the reduction of violence, with all sides committed to decreasing attacks for a week. The process was a good initiative paving the way for long-term ceasefire, he said, urging all sides to discharge their responsibilities. On behalf of the Resolute Support mission, “I assure we will firmly stick to our commitment during the reduction of violence period,” he said, hoping the Taliban would also adhere to their promises. Miller said US and Afghan forces had stopped all offensive operations and were in a defensive mode to implement their commitments and discharge their responsibilities. He said they were standing shoulder to shoulder with Afghan forces and would continue supporting them. Conditions-basedreduction of violence represented a victory for Afghans and the Taliban should honour their promises in the regard, he said. Miller said they were hopeful the period would be extended so the Afghan government and the Taliban agreed on a long-term ceasefire. The reduction of violence period started at midnight between Friday and Saturday following an agreement between the US and Taliban. An official, who wished to go unnamed, said the reduction of violence period would be extended until a ceasefire was agreed in intra-Afghan talks.

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