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Efforts underway to overcome electoral crisis at two levels

25 Feb 2020 Salam Watandar

KABUL (SW) – Efforts are underway to overcome the political and electoral crisis at two levels.

Well-placed sources told Salam Watandar, the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, is representing the United States, and former president Hamid Karzai and veteran Jihadi figure, Abdul Rassul Saif, representing Afghan politicians, are struggling to reconcile between the rival presidential candidates, Muhammad Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah.

According to Reuters, the US has urged Ghani and Abdullah not to hold oath taking ceremony until they find a way out of the crisis. Sources have said that there has been no headway, but a number of politicians have suggested forming all-inclusive government as well as continuing the National Unity Government to get out of the current crisis.

Presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil has also suggested the "national reconciliation government" instead of all-inclusive government. Meanwhile, Pir Sayed Hamed Gilani, leader of the National Movement Party, has warned the continuation of crisis will waste the opportunity for peace. Gilani's other suggestion is for an international panel to re-examine the disputed votes in the presence of electoral representatives.

Political analyst Ahmed Saeedi has said there is no flexibility on either side of the dispute so far, but if the option of forming an all-inclusive government comes up, it will be a challenge to overcome. Akram Arefi, another analyst, believed that the Americans can unlock the crisis. He said if Washington demanded, the parties to the dispute will be flexible.

As these mediations continue, Ghani and Abdullah are preparing separate committees for the oath taking.


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