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Khalilzad encourages Ghani, Abdullah form peace delegation

25 Feb 2020 Ariana News

US Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad wants Abdullah Abdullah to refrain from appointing new provincial governors, said a source. In a meeting with Abdullah, Khalilzad said that President Ghani would postpone his second-term inauguration for 15 days. Fazel Ahmed Manawi, a front-row supporter of Abdullah and a key member of Abdullah’s Stability and Convergence electoral team, told Ariana News that Khalilzad had urged the two sides to focus on the Afghan peace process. Khalilzad stressed that at the moment, Ghani and Abdullah should work on the formation of an inclusive negotiating team for the intra-Afghan dialogue. It’s noteworthy that President Ghani has planned to take the oath of office as soon as this Thursday. His rival Abdullah Abdullah, on the other hand, has also claimed victory, claiming that he would hold the oath-taking ceremony as soon a possible. Tensions between the two sides have raised concerns about jeopardizing the peace efforts, amid a week-long US-Afghan-Taliban violence reduction term.

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