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Brothers kill by roommates in Kabul

25 Feb 2020 Ariana News

Two brothers were killed by their roommates Monday night in PD^18 of Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul city, police said. The incident took place in the Naqash area of Dasht-e-Barchi, where the victims had rented a sharing room with two others at a dormitory. The victims – Dallawar, Hadi – were students and holding the business of PVC in Kabul. Kabul Police said that the two individuals were killed in their dormitory after their family had sent them 2000 Euros for them. Yazdan Bakhsh one of the victim’s relatives said that the two brothers were killed by criminals. It shows that the security forces are weak and failed in carrying out their duty. Moreover, Kabul Police said, one of the perpetrators was detained by Police and the other one is under the investigation of the police. Estamatullah Nekzad, the Deputy of Kabul police said that one of their roommates is fugitive right now and is under the supervision of the police. Earlier, Kabul Police had launched operations against criminals crimes in Kabul, but the crimes have remained one of the main concerns of Kabul citizens.   

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