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Afghan government agrees to postpone presidential inauguration: US

26 Feb 2020 1TV News

The United States State Department on Tuesday confirmed that Afghan government has agreed to postpone its presidential inauguration, amid an election feud in which both President Ashraf Ghani and his main rival Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah claimed victory.

“It is time to focus not on electoral politics, but on taking steps toward a lasting peace, ending the war with the Taliban, and finding a formula for a political settlement that can serve the interests of all of this country’s citizens through intra-Afghan negotiations we expect will begin in March,” US State Department said in a statement,.

It urged all parties to participate in and support the immediate establishment of an agreed national framework for peace that is fully representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to prepare for and lead negotiations with the Taliban.

The statement said that concerns about the election process should be handled in accordance with constitutional and legal procedures.

It also called on the new government to be inclusive and reflect the aspirations of all Afghans.

“The country’s leaders and their supporters should ensure that political debate is carried out in a calm manner, free from the use or threat of violence,” the statement said.

“They should also desist from destabilizing actions, includingpurported efforts to establish parallel government structures inconsistent with the constitution and rule of law. Such moves call into question the country’s sovereignty and unity that the United States strongly supports.”

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