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Ghani reduces deadline of saving plan for security sector after US aid cut

25 Mar 2020 1TV News

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has reduced the deadline of a plan to save $1 billion in security sector from three years to two years after the United States cut a similar amount in aid.

Ghani gave the instruction in a video conference with deputies of ministries of defense, interior affairs and finance.

The officials told the president that $300 million were saved in security and defense sector over the past one year through reforms and preventing ineffective spending, according to a statement from the president's office.

He instructed the officials that $1 billion should be saved in security and defense sector over the next one year while keeping quality service for forces.

He said that saving and preventing unnecessary spending at all levels of the state is a fundamental step toward reaching self-reliance.

The president instructed authorities to prepare their plans for preventing structural inflation, supplying through a joint mechanism, connecting all security forces bases to electricity with an aim to avoid high expenses in fuel, reviewing of purchasing vehicles and their maintenance within five days.

He also instructed the administrative reforms commission to prepare and implement a plan for saving in civil service system.

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