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Coronavirus Cases Reach 84: Officials

25 Mar 2020 Tolo News

Positive cases of the COVID-19 increased in Afghanistan are currently 84. with reports of the first cases reported in Nimroz province, said the Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday.

According to the ministry, the newly-infected person in Nimroz returned from Iran recently.

“Among the 30 cases in Herat, some of them have come from Iran. Some of them have not come from Iran. It shows that the virus is spreading in society,” said Wahidullah Mayar, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health.

Based on the ministry figures, 84 positive cases out of approximately 800 suspected cases have been reported.

“Our concerns are about those people who are gathering in one place. Among the suspected cases one suspect is from the parliament,” said Mayar.

Officials at the Afghan-Japan hospital, who identify the coronavirus patients in Kabul, say that hundreds of people are coming to the hospital for tests.

According to the Ministry of Public Health most of the infected persons have returned from Iran.

“We got tested at the border and we want to test ourselves again to be sure,” said Hamza, a returned Afghan.

“We returned (to Afghanistan). because, there (in Iran) Afghans were not admitted,” said Abbas, another returned Afghan.

Meanwhile, a 45-year-old woman died from the coronavirus in the western province of Herat on Wednesday, the Health Ministry confirmed.

This is the second person who has died of the coronavirus in Afghanistan so far. A man died of coronavirus in northern Balkh province early this week.

This comes as hundreds of thousands of Afghans have returned to Afghanistan from neighboring Iran, a coronavirus hotspot.

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